Protecting the Great Barrier Reef 

Water is our most precious resource.

Positioned on the beautiful Queensland coast, directly adjacent to Southern Great Barrier Reef, our management of the water around us is the most important aspect of our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Not only do we need an abundance of fresh clean water to grow our crops, we also ensure water efficiencies are maximised through our focus on soil health and technology.

Farming in Bundaberg, as we have for over 75 years, has always been about managing rain and drought events.

With these weather patterns in mind, our field design team continuously refine farm plans that enable us to build dams with the ability to store large quantities of water for use throughout the year.

Precision Water Management

With over 7000 acres of farmland, we deploy our fleet of tractors and earth moving machinery that are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS guidance systems. These vehicles use precise measurements to shape the land at a gentle sustained gradient. This terraforming enables us to easily manage water flow, rather than relying on the natural lie of the land to do it for us.

Once the land is perfectly graded, we install  high and low pressure irrigation systems to distribute water to our crops in the most effective manner. All water used on our farms and facilities is 100% recycled through our reticulation creeks and streams.

In addition to drip irrigation, we have lateral and hard hose systems installed to suit each farm location. This allows minimal water loss while creating further crop yield and quality improvements. 

As a result of our commitment to conserve and use water sustainably, we are proud to be accredited with Hort360 Reef Certification.

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