Our Environment

At Greensill Farming Group we are passionate about sustainable farming practices, minimising our environmental impact, and reducing our carbon footprint.  We achieve this by combining smart farm management and implementing innovative processes. 

Sustainable Resource Management

Our strategy to ensure sustainable resource management includes using precision farming techniques, by-products, and crop rotation to protect our soil keeping it fresh and full of natural biology.  We regularly complete soil and leaf testing for accurate fertiliser application and minimise our energy use with trickle tape and furrow irrigation.  

Protecting the Great Barrier Reef

Located in the Bundaberg region, the base of the Southern Great Barrier Reef, protecting and improving our environment is a focus of our operation.  Water storage and dams have been strategically placed around our farms to minimise run-off.  Water storage areas are used to catch and filter run-off water and allows us to recycle and reuse this resource.  Our dams also serve as wildlife habitats and groundwater recharge points.

Ongoing Research

Greensill Farming Group will continue to work in collaboration with CQUniversity Australia to understand and improve innovative farming practices, including efficiently managing water and soil resources as we move toward organic-based farming.

Green Waste Facility

Greensill Farming Group are committed to taking a step forward in environmental sustainability with the launch of Green Solutions Wide Bay in 2020.

This facility will allow us to use green waste flows in the region and convert the waste to organic compost. This process will form an essential step in our commitment to sustainable farming for the future.

Green Solutions Wide Bay website coming soon.

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