Sugarcane is the crop the Bundaberg Region and the Greensill Farming was built on.

Today we harvest more than 4000 acres of sugarcane across the Wide Bay Burnett region each year. Our cane is planted in rotation with sweet potatoes, and we are proud to have implemented and continue to use the sugar ‘Best Management Practice’ (BMP) Program to create efficient and sustainable crops.

Best Management Practice (BMP)

We use the BMP program framework and checklist and apply it to our farm operations to demonstrate responsible land stewardship and environmental protection.

With ever-increasing energy costs, Greensill Farming has ensured maximum efficiency using irrigation technology.  Installing our own weather stations has allowed us to match irrigation application to daily crop water use. Flood irrigation has reduced the need for high-energy pumping systems and by capturing all water run-off in sediment traps, we have been able to minimise the impact on local waterways and increase our water use efficiency.

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