Greensill Farming became part of the landscape of Bundaberg more than 75 years ago, when our Grandfather Roy cut his first 200 acres of cane by hand in 1945.

Much has changed since then, but the most important aspect of farming in a community like ours remains the same. This land provides food for millions of Australians every day, a livelihood for our family and for the families of our 150-plus workers.

The way we run our farm today must ensure it can do all this while continuing to function as a vital part of our vibrant coastal ecosystem. We understand how important it is to manage our land and water resources. In fact, sustainable water and land management are closely bound to every decision we make on the farm.

From there, our commitment to innovation in agriculture, as well as the development and adoption of smart farming solutions, helps shape our farming operation to support other agricultural businesses and improve productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

We strive every day to set a good example and demonstrate strong leadership in sustainable agriculture so that we, and our neighbours, can look back with pride in another 80 years.


Our Greensill SPIRIT

At Greensill Farming, our values are what our team refer to as ‘The Greensill Spirit’.

We live and breathe our values through our work ethic, attitude and approach to every challenge or opportunity. We reflect on our values when making decisions at both an operational and strategic level.

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