Farming is all about producing the best possible food for you and your family to put on the table every day.

At Greensill Farming we do that while working in harmony with nature and the environment to make sure we can continue to grow the best food for your children and the generations to come. Our Grandfather Roy planted our first acres of sugarcane some 78 years ago and it remains one of our biggest crops today. In total, we farm over 7000 acres of sugarcane that we rotate with sweet potatoes and our other crops. 

As our primary horticulture crop, sweet potatoes have become part of our DNA. Working with Sweet Potatoes Australia, we have seen the humble spud rise in popularity to become a household favourite. The innovation our teams have devised to streamline sweet potato production and the way we deliver our produce to your table is second to none. 

To discover more about the food we grow, including recipes, click on each crop category below.

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