There is no better earth in all of Australia than the red volcanic soil here in the Bundaberg region. It is rich and fertile and it gives us so much.

This soil is the reason our sweet potatoes are so tasty, bursting with colour and packed with goodness. The same goes for our peanuts, sugarcane, and lucerne crops we grow at Greensill Farming. We owe it all to the earth beneath our feet.

While nature provided a lot when she gave us this earth, it takes a lot of hard work to keep it in such good condition.

Farming needs the nutrients contained in this rich red soil to grow the food we eat. Every harvest and every season we make sure we put back at least what we have taken to maintain this vital resource for generations to come.

We have developed many unique ways to work in harmony with the earth to ensure the land our children farm tomorrow will be as rich and fertile as that first farmed by our grandfather Roy more than 75 years ago.

Some of those include cover cropping, crop rotation, terraforming, and state of the art water management.

At the heart of our soil restoration and fertilisation efforts is our innovative green waste composting facility. At Green Solutions Wide Bay we take raw green material from all over the region to organically produce natural compost and soil amendments.

The benefits of this unique and award-winning facility are vast. But most importantly they help us keep the rich, fertile red earth that Bundaberg is well known for in peak condition.

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