At Greensill Farming we supply seedless watermelons to the Australian market from mid-October to the end of December. In recent years seedless watermelons have become a part of the Australian culture, driving consumer demand for the variety across the country throughout the year.

Distribution of our watermelons is supported by SMA Marketing Pty Ltd, a grower owned supply chain management and marketing business, supplying fresh produce from Australia's leading growers to a range of customers nationally and abroad. SMA minimises marketing costs for growers to ensure the best outcome for consumers from paddock to plate.

Why Greensill Farming

We are extremely passionate about the quality of watermelon we supply, and are always focused on continual improvement and support of consumer preferences and our customer needs.

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For the latest information on the Australia Melon market, nutritional values and more head to www.melonsaustralia.org.au