Sweet Potatoes

At Greensill Farming we love our Sweet Potatoes! Supplying to the Australian Market every day, we grow both the Gold and White Skin Purple Flesh varieties and produce over 900,000 cartons of sweet potatoes each year.

In addition to our fresh market supply we also supply both processed and semi-processed sweet potatoes direct to food manufacturing businesses in Australia. As the demand for sweet potatoes in pre-prepared meals, the health food industry and innovative markets grows, we continue to expand our range of products.

Production, Quality, Consistency

Our Gold sweet potatoes (Beauregard & Bellevue) are distinctive in colour with a rose to gold smooth skin and orange flesh. They are the dominant variety in the sweet potato category due to their highly desirable eating and cooking qualities. The purple pigmentation of the Hawaiians, White Skin Purple Flesh (WSPF), is provided by its high anthocyanin content – a highly efficient antioxidant.

A rotational cropping program made up of sweet potatoes, sugar cane, watermelons and green manure crops, provides an ideal mix for the soil environment. By incorporating cane trash and crop residue back into the soil, the additional organic matter helps to produce vibrant fruit, full of flavour.

Why Greensill Farming

At Greensill Farming we are passionate about providing the highest levels of quality assurance and customer service, coupled with a memorable experience for our clients. With production spread across 5 geographic farming locations we guarantee an unrivalled continuity of supply, supported by a minimum of 2 packing facilities in operation 52 weeks of the year!

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Interested in learning more about the amazing nutritional values sweet potatoes, recipes and more head to www.australiansweetpotatoes.com.au