Sugar Cane

Greensill Farming Group harvests over 1000 hectares of Sugar Cane across the Wide Bay Burnett Region each year. Sugar Cane provides a steady cropping basis for the horticultural rotational crops of Sweet Potatoes and Watermelons. The geographical spread provides strategic risk management to our agribusiness, which is proving to be an attractive feature when negotiating with potential long term clients.

‘Best Management Practice’ (BMP) program

As a significant Australian cane growing business we are committed to implementing the sugar ‘Best Management Practice’ (BMP) program.  Many of the program requirements including metered irrigation pumps, tail water recycling, farm maps, nutrient management plans, fertiliser, spray and harvest diaries, are already in place.  The BMP framework and checklist has been established with assistance from the extension officers at Isis Productivity Limited (IPL).  Implementing the BMP program will assist our business in demonstrating responsible land stewardship and environmental credentials. 

With ever increasing energy costs Greensill Farming has been on the front foot with maximising efficiencies when it comes to irrigation technology.  The installation of our own weather stations allows us to match irrigation application to daily crop water use.  All farm development now includes capturing run-off water in strategically placed sediment traps.  This not only increases our water use efficiency, but minimises our impacts on the local waterways.  The switch to flood irrigation everywhere has reduced the need for high energy pumping systems. 


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