Greensill Farming Group’s exacting standards include responsibly and sustainably managing soil and water resources. This is especially important given our proximity to the southern Great Barrier Reef.

Responsible environmental practices are part of Greensill Farming Group’s strategy to achieve Best Management Practice (BMP) accreditation within the sugar industry.

Precision Techniques

Beginning with cultivation and planting, GPS controlled tractors ensure that paddocks are managed most efficiently right from the start of any given crop.

During crop growth, regular soil and leaf testing combined with fertigation technology, ensure that only the precise amount of fertiliser needed is applied - while energy use is minimised through the use of trickle tape and some furrow irrigation.

Minimising Run-Off

Strategically placed tail water dams catch and filter run-off water so it can be recycled. These dams are also wildlife habitats and groundwater recharge points.

Using Natural Products

Rotating crops and incorporating sugar cane trash keeps our soil fresh and full of natural biology which we complement with the natural sugar cane by-products molasses, filter press, and dunder. Applying accurate amounts of soil amendments and organic products can be done efficiently with our new variable rate controlled manure spreader.

Crop Production

Greensill Farming Group’s reputation for quality is the result of smart crop management and taking good care of our soil.

Rotating sugar cane, sweet potatoes, and watermelons provides an ideal mix of crops perfectly complementing each other in our business.

On the ground, our green cane trash blanketing program gives each crop a flying start by providing organic matter to the soil and promoting natural soil biology.

During the growing cycle regular soil and leaf testing is conducted in the blocks, to ensure the right balance of nutrition is maintained.

Fertiliser and water are delivered using trickle irrigation and fertigation with only the precise amounts needed being applied. Getting the balance right in the crop root zone is critical to maximise crop yields and to produce fruit with a good shelf life and bursting with flavour.