Our Team

At Greensill Farming Group we recognise that the most vital part of our operation is the people who bring it together. Our team consists of over 60 full-time local employees working in production, maintenance, administration and distribution. This can swell to over 90 during the harvest seasons. We are passionate about the ongoing growth and development of our team and take pride in being an employer of choice across the region.

Workplace Health & Safety

Greensill Farming Group is a family business that is committed to safeguarding its people, safety and health and conserving the environment. Safety is integral to our business and its long-term success, and allows us to continue to achieve safe and reliable production and delivery of our produce to our customers locally, nationally and internationally.

To achieve this, Greensill Farming Group has established a corporate Work Health and Safety Policy which we implement through our Greensill Farming Operations Safety System (GFOSS).

GFOSS is a disciplined system composed of seven core elements and serves as a framework of processes and procedures aimed at driving all incidents to our people, our plants and our environment to zero. This is “how we do business” to ensure that we all return home safely to our family and friends at the end of the working day. Our Work Health and Safety Policy applies to every aspect of our operations and to all employees, contractors, visitors, suppliers, volunteers and the public and other who visit any of our work sites.

Through our commitment to best-practice safety procedures, Greensill Farming is working towards achieving our goal of being an industry leader in Work Health and Safety.

Quality Assurance

At the heart of Greensill Farming’s success, is the use of precision techniques to produce a consistent quality, premium product. Our sugar cane operation is on the road to achieving Best Management Practice (BMP) accreditation and our watermelon and sweet potatoe crops are subject to a stringent Quality Assurance program. Greensill Farming Pack Shed Supervisors work closely with our Quality Assurance Manager to ensure that all produce leaving our facility meets and exceeds Australian and international food standards. To help ensure the timely delivery of quality produce, we involve our employees in the setting of production targets and work very closely with our distribution partners to ensure that our produce gets to you in the same excellent condition it was when it left our farm.